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May 1, 2008

Model Portfolio: Kristen!

Model portfolio work presents some fun challenges for a photographer. You have to figure out pretty quickly what they’re good at, what their best features are, and highlight those things as best you can. When I’m dealing with a model who has some experience, however, I do like to throw them a bit of a curveball. It helps to add diversity to their portfolios, and if all goes well, it’ll open them up to booking more jobs!

Kristen had quite a bit of experience modeling for local photographers, but a quick glance through her book showed that she’d mainly done fashion and concept work… so, how could I resist shooting a few commercial/lifestyle images to round out her portfolio?

We went with a fresh face, a cute-but-casual outfit, and a local coffee shop, and I asked her to turn on the charm. She obliged, and we got some lovely, natural-looking shots.

After our trip to the coffee shop, we took the few minutes we had left to do a fashion look, which was definitely her forte. She had to dash off to work, so between that and the cold, windy weather, we only got about 30 shots, but a lot of them were great ones that showed off her intensity and her long-looking legs!

I thought this shoot was a great example of what we can accomplish with even the simplest of model portfolio shoots. The clothes and jewelry were all from Kristen’s own wardrobe, the locations were all within 5 minutes of the studio, and we were still able to hit upon two very different styles that’ll add diversity to her portfolio.

Also, credit is definitely due for our makeup artist/hairstylist, the amazing Sabrina Cayne! Her work is proof positive of what a huge difference a good makeup artist can make on a photoshoot.

A few extra images are after the cut… enjoy!


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  1. Stunning! I love the diversity of the shots. Do you only work in Portland?

    Comment by Alisa — July 27, 2008 @ 4:51 am | Reply

  2. We primarily work in Portland, but we’re always willing to travel for the right booking. 🙂

    Comment by enkophoto — July 27, 2008 @ 5:44 pm | Reply

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