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June 9, 2008

Dark Glasses

Just stopping in with a quick shot from last week. The rest of the shoot was mainly commercial/lifestyle, but we couldn’t help detouring a little into fashion shooting, especially when she had such a great outfit on.

I liked how this one turned out after I finished processing it, and it required very little work. It was also simple on setup: the lighting was all afternoon sun. Sometimes, you just can’t beat Mother Nature!

This was one of many shoots we’ve done incorporating accessories from Orange Moon Creations. They’re a startup operation, and their knit bags, such as the one in the photo, are hand-made and felted at their home base in Boston, MA.

We also did a series of shoots a few months back with their newest product, musicMitts, but instead of using models, we worked with local musicians to show off the gloves in a realistic context.

This shot was deemed a little too “street” for what the company was after, and it doesn’t showcase the gloves as well as it could, but it’s easily one of my favorites from the shoot. We created a great mood with a simple setup, and the colors came together wonderfully.

We regularly offer catalog and advertisement photography, and we always do our best to tailor each project to your needs and your budget. Our rates can be surprisingly affordable, so whether you’re a company that’s just getting started, or one that’s more established, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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