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July 10, 2008


Working on this shoot was a kick! When I first heard from Laura Lee Laroux of Revivall Clothing, she already knew that she wanted to do a fashion set that tells a story, so we were tossing around ideas with each other for weeks. When the shoot date finally arrived, we brought our resources together, and shot a story of three fabulous ladies who ran away from their high-profile lives, and took a trip through the run-down pockets of the city.

I’d also scoped out a laundromat in North Portland, so we went up there and started doing some shots outside the place. The manager came out to see what we were doing, and for a moment, I was afraid that he’d ask us to leave. Turns out he was completely into it, and he was happy to let us go inside, and basically have our run of the place! All he asked in return was that we take a picture of him with the models in front of the shop, and he was super-kind and accommodating to all of us.

The whole team did a fantastic job, and we ended up with some very cool shots that showcased the richly detailed designs. Laura brings a really wonderful energy to the set, and her enthusiasm for the creative process really comes through, not just in the clothes she makes, but in the photos, too. It’s awesome when you’re working with somebody who’s as excited as you are about a shot! šŸ™‚ It’ll be great working with her again in the future.

MANY more images after the cut!

Laura and our lovely models!

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