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February 24, 2009

Get it right… the first time!

Here is a small taste of another designer we had the pleasure of working with for a Spring 2009 collection. Sweet Skins is a clothing line originally based in Eugene, but they’re also a perfect fit for Portland: with a focus on comfort and style, and an ongoing committment to ecologically sound practices, the new Spring ’09 line is most definitely rooted in the green, earth-friendly values that are gaining such strength in the Portland fashion community.

Sweet Skins took a major step forward by choosing us for their first professional photoshoot, so we fashioned as complete a shot as we could on-set, and built a top-notch team. We knew of Terri’s exemplary skill at creating a fresh, flawless finish on the skin, and we had two terrific models as our canvas for style, so we got great shots from the first to the very last. The photo below? Yes, it’s a completely unretouched image! Both girls look fresh, and the clothes look great. 

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not the least bit shy about retouching, and when done correctly, it can add a lot to an image without anyone knowing a retoucher was ever there.  BUT, when you get it right the first time, all in-camera, you can save your clients a lot of time, resources, and headache. And we’re definitely in favor of that!

We’ll share more from this shoot soon, and you’ll be seeing more of these images on the Sweet Skins web site, too.

Models: Amber (OMM) and Sable
Makeup/Hair: Terri Lodge of Blush Premier


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