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February 3, 2010

Actor With a Side of Model – model portfolio and headshot photography in Portland, Oregon

Andrew came to us ready to kick-start his career as an actor, and was also open to modeling, so he chose one of our model portfolio packages, and we tailored the looks to fit his goals! We made his actor’s headshot our first priority, because he’s most interested in acting, and we brought in our stylist partner Tabiba Styles to make sure he had a clean and polished look from start to finish. We also explored looks inspired by commercial, fashion, and athletic styles in-studio, to show his potential in different areas of modeling, while still playing to his relaxed and easygoing attitude.

He also chose to order comp cards through us, so we hooked him up with a clean comp card layout, and a batch of 100 cards printed on high-quality stock! We’re always ready to provide headshot prints and comp cards to our clients, and we make it affordable, so you can get the most for your investment, even if you’re new to the industry. If you have several shots you love after your session’s over, ask us about our rates, and we’ll gladly add it on to your package.

Enko Photography – fashion, commercial, and headshot photography based in Portland, Oregon


January 5, 2009

Wedding Photography Website

It’s a new year, and we have big plans to expand our wedding services and offer you even more flexibility and options, so you’ll get exactly what you want out of your wedding photography. As part of that, we’re currently building a new web site that will be completely dedicated to your wedding photography needs!

We are currently taking bookings for 2009 and beyond, so if you’d like to book with us before the new web site is launched, just contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to fill you in on our rates, and the new options we offer. And, you can still see our current wedding portfolio to get a better idea of what we do.

If you’re interested in any of the non-wedding services we offer, you can still point your browser to www.enkophoto.com to book us for Events, Portraits for High School Seniors and Families, and Creative, Artistic photos. We’ll also continue to offer amazing work for reasonable rates in Fashion, Commercial, Athletic, and Product areas, as well. 


Enko Photography – wedding, event, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon

November 4, 2008

Marathon runner

Here’s another photo from one of our athletic shoots a few weeks ago. This woman’s background as a marathon runner meant that she’d explored quite a lot of beautiful country–when you’re logging so many miles, you want to have something nice to look at–so it seemed fitting to follow her lead on where to shoot! The location you see in the background is her favorite spot along her regular route, and the fact that it was both a beautiful and personal location for her made it the perfect place to shoot her doing what she loves.

Model: Cara (SportsUnlimited)

Rural marathon runner Enko Photography – commercial and athletic photography based in Portland, Oregon

October 1, 2008

A Few More Good Days

Another athletic shot from a couple of days ago, this time at one of the wooded trails in Forest Park. Portland has some truly amazing natural areas, and Forest Park is known as the largest, forested natural area within city limits in the United States. There are plenty of trails there to explore, and we’ve only just scratched the surface on our own explorations.

We were originally scheduled to shoot this a few days earlier, but the rain came on an hour before the shoot, so we had to reschedule. We were a little concerned that the rainy Oregon autumn might have hit us for the long haul, but we got to enjoy a few more gorgeous days of sun over the weekend.

Model: Kent (Q6)


Kent will be sending in this image for a casting this week… best of luck to him!

Enko Photography – commercial and athletic photography based in Portland, Oregon

September 29, 2008

Athletic Photography

Athletics and the outdoors are big here in the Northwest, so we thought it’d be fun to work with athletes on some new photos. So far, we’ve worked with two runners, and they were both fantastic, and had endurance to spare.

Here’s a shot from last week, before any post-processing. There were quite a few good ones, so it’ll be a challenge deciding what to process first!

Model: Cara (SportsUnlimited)

athlete photo

Enko Photography – commercial and athletic photography based in Portland, Oregon

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