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September 28, 2009

FUSE: a black tie fashion fundraiser event – event and fashion photography in Portland, Oregon

Last week, we gave you a peek at Portland Fashion Synergy and its visiting guests from Henan, its ambitious goals for relations between Portland and China, and of course, its plans for a runway show unlike any other seen in Portland. Friday night was that runway show, and it was nothing short of amazing.

We’ve shot at our fair share of Portland runways, and some fashion shows seem less about the clothes, and more about creating an excuse to party until 3am. (do we need any more of those?) At some shows, there isn’t even a genuine runway… an aisle or a hallway, perhaps, but it’s more guerilla fashion than upper-crust. This is Portland, and although we have plenty of designers with forward-thinking vision, pulling together a major runway event is no simple task.

PDXFS generated a lot of buzz and made big promises for their show, and FUSE didn’t disappoint. The Kriedel Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum made the perfect venue for showcasing garments with an artistic flair, and the production value showed in the rich details of the stage, decor, and of course, the elevated runway. We’d love to see more of this kind of energy in Portland’s fashion community, so we’re looking forward to seeing what PDXFS brings our way next.

These are just a few shots from the runway show. To see more of what you might have missed, take a look at our online gallery of photos from the evening!


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September 24, 2009

Chinese fashion delegation arrives in PDX for FUSE – event and fashion photography in Portland, Oregon

Yesterday was a big day for Portland fashion: a delegation of representatives from the Henan Fashion Association in China landed in our city! PDX Fashion Synergy is a group in Portland, dedicated to collaborating with and supporting the local fashion community, and there will be meetings and tours throughout the visit, as PDXFS works towards forging new partnerships between the Chinese and Portland designers.

PDXFS is also putting on a black tie fashion show fundraiser, FUSE, this Friday night! VIP tickets are already sold out for the show, but General Admission tickets are still available, and we’ll be there to cover the event! They’ll be showing designs brought from China by the visiting delegation, as well as lines from Portland-based designers such as Emily Katz, MAYTEE, and the men’s line Defyance.

Chinese delegates arrive at the Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon

The PDXFS representatives help get them checked in.

PDXFS associate Jillian Rabe (left) represented Portland fashion in May, to bring some of our leading sustainable designs to China.

Enko Photography – event and fashion photography in Portland and the Willamette Valley

September 22, 2009

Monday Snapshot: an Even-more-bikeable Portland – event photography in Portland, OR

Here’s a quick snapshot of Portland Mayor Sam Adams, giving a speech on the PSU campus just a few weeks ago, to celebrate the opening of Portland’s first Cycle Track! The new track runs in Southwest Portland, and it’ll hopefully make our already bike-friendly town an even better place to ride. 


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