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December 10, 2009

Snapshot: Taking an Interest – portrait and artistic photography in Portland, OR

We’re still winding down after a busy day at the Holiday Cravings Shopping Party, and we’ll have photos from the event soon… but today we’re feeling like it’s high time for a snapshot.

We had the chance to see Springfield School District Superintendent Nancy Golden in action, while shooting on-location in Springfield several weeks ago. She has a reputation for being an active and forward-thinking educator: not only does she bring other educators together, but she also makes sure to stay in touch and relate with the students. More about the work that she and other educators are doing to strengthen public schools is in the latest issue of Education Northwest Magazine.

(and yes, you can book with us for photojournalistic promotional and event photography… we shoot in a variety of situations, for people from all walks of life. Just e-mail or call us to get the details!)

Enko Photography – event, portrait, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon


June 20, 2009

Photography for Hairstylists

Just wishing a quick Congratulations to Jen LaMastra of Transform Salon, who earned an Honorable Mention in the recent cover contest for NW Stylist! Jen submitted several photos from our shoot for Betsy & Iya Jewelry last fall which showcased her amazing hairstyling work, and thanks to her talent, this lovely shot from our campaign is featured in this month’s issue. Jen also provides full-service haircuts and color, so to learn more about her and schedule an appointment, just visit her website.

Credit is also due to our model for this look, Kira Distler, and the awesome makeup skills of Sabrina Cayne; their talents helped make this entire session amazing!


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

March 11, 2009

Fashion magazine photography

Our two-page spread for MF Magazine, which was originally shot last summer, is finally out in the world, as part of Issue #9! The fashion world always likes to think ahead, so shooting fall and winter layouts six (or more!) months in advance is pretty much par for the course.

We shot this in a local coffee shop–in pretty cramped quarters!–and worked with six models in the same shot. Some of the models had prior experience, others were newer to modeling, and, since we were hoping to fit over 20 giveaway items into the spread, one of our models was literally recruited on the spot, while hanging out at the coffee shop! It was definitely a fun shooting experience with its share of unexpected twists.

To see and buy the issue, visit www.musicfashionmagazine.com.

Makeup: Anna Webber
Hair: Kira Pinski


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

February 19, 2009

Spring 2009 fashion photography

Fashions for the Spring 2009 season are coming into both online and brick-and-mortar stores, and the new pieces we shot for the Spring ’09 collection by Portland-based designer sky & boat are now online, too. We loved the fit, the style, and the eco-friendly philosophy behind these pieces, and they’re a perfect fit for Spring. Let’s just hope the Portland weather stays as sunny and beautiful as it’s been in recent weeks!

To see our photos of all the cute, sustainable outfits you didn’t see in our preview blog post, just visit the sky & boat web site. 🙂

sky & boat Spring 2009

Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

January 26, 2009

Another Featured Project

We had so much fun working with Betsy & Iya for the Fall 2008 campaign that we couldn’t help but share the final results of our collaboration on Behance.net. We all loved the results, and apparently the Behance editors did, too, because they selected our project for a front-page feature yesterday! It definitely makes us happy to be featured again amongst a number of amazing artists, especially for a client project that we enjoyed so much.

Here’s another one of our before/after sets for that project, and we definitely encourage you to visit the Betsy & Iya web site to check out the rest, and to pick up some of her amazing jewelry for yourself!

Model: Kira 
Makeup: Sabrina Cayne
Hair: Jen LaMastra of Transform Salon


Enko Photography – fashion, commercial, and product photography based in Portland, Oregon

December 3, 2008

betsy & iya Fall 2008 campaign

This week marks the launch of a new web site for betsy & iya jewelry, featuring the Fall 2008 campaign we shot in our studio. It was a hectic day of shooting, involving five talented models, each with their own unique before-and-after looks, the tireless work of a makeup artist and a hairstylist, all built around large, ornate, and amazing pieces of jewelry!

We had a great team that clicked wonderfully, so the creative energy flowed with incredible ease, and our models each did an amazing job of conveying their hilarious “before” looks, and their gorgeous “after” transformations. It was definitely one of the more fun ways we’ve spent an 8-hour day!

Here’s just one of the before-and-after sets we shot that day. It’s hard for us to choose a favorite, so you’ll likely be seeing more of these from us in the near future.

Model: Erin (Option)
Makeup: Sabrina Cayne
Hair: Jen LaMastra of Transform Salon



Enko Photography – fashion, commercial, and product photography based in Portland, Oregon

November 20, 2008

Featured again

Our Runaways shoot with Revivall Clothing was recently selected as a feature on FashionServed. This is still one of my favorite fashion projects to date, so I’m always glad to see that others enjoy it, too! If you haven’t seen the images, check them out.

And, if you’d like to see more amazing creations, this weekend is your chance! Revivall will be showing as part of the Explode La Mode runway show, and betsy & iya will also be there as a vendor. There will be plenty of other fabulous designers involved, so be sure to support the Portland fashion community!


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

November 6, 2008

PLUS Model Magazine

Here’s another image from our November 2008 editorial for PLUS Model Magazine, featuring our second model from the spread. I was lucky enough to spot her at a runway casting, and was thrilled to bring her on board for the shoot. She’d booked her fair share of commercial and catalog modeling jobs, but edgy plus-size fashion bookings are hard to come by, so she was excited to broaden her horizons!

Be sure to check out our PLUS Model Magazine editorial. We won’t be posting the other images here, so you’ll have to visit the magazine to see the rest! 😉

Model: Ruth (Wilhelmina/MTG)
Makeup: Ashlee Murr
Hair: Ambrosia Carey

PLUS Model Magazine editorial image

Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

November 3, 2008

Plus model editorial

(We’ve been a bit inspired by NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, so we’ll be attempting to post every day for the rest of the month! We may not have time to share with you every single day, and the postings might sometimes be short, but you’ll see plenty of photos… so, enjoy!)

We’re really pleased to be featured in the November 2008 issue of PLUS Model Magazine, for our editorial contribution, “The Edge of Romance.” It took nearly two months of planning, and there were occasional bumps along the way, but it was wonderful working with PLUS, and we’re all very excited about the results!

The spread features clothing by IGIGI, as well as sustainable dresses from Portland-based designer MEWV Sustainables. We also got to bring aboard our recent client, betsy & iya, so you can see more of her amazing designs, while we wait for her new web site to launch.

We’ll fill you in on some of the trials and tribulations on the shoot day, and also share some of our favorite images that weren’t featured in the spread later in the week, but for now, check out the editorial!

Model: Christine (SportsUnlimited)

Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

September 3, 2008

Plus-Size Fashion

As much as I enjoy “straight-size” fashion, I’ve always had a soft spot for plus-size models. As a normal-sized woman who’d be considered “plus-size” by the fashion industry (plus models sometimes run as small as a US Size 8, when the average woman is Size 12!) I’ve always felt that there’s much more to beauty than what your average magazine likes to portray. There’s health, vitality, and beauty in all shapes and sizes, if you open yourself to it.

So, when I found Christine’s just-started online portfolio back in January, I was excited to set up a shoot with her. She had the striking face and gorgeous proportions that I felt really exemplified plus-size beauty, so I wanted to get it out there as much as I could!

And now, 7 months after shooting with her, I’m happy to congratulate her on her first published credit as a model! Christine was selected by PLUS Model Magazine to tell the world What She Loves About Her Curves in the new September issue, so readers across the country will be seeing her face, and hopefully taking a cue from her curvy-and-proud outlook!

The magazine also chose to use a photo from the shoot I did with her, so I’m also happy to congratulate hairstylist Amy Vaillancourt-Sals, clothing designer Leanonsidhe Reminiscent, and accessory designer Beauty and the Bead! I brought this team together with the hopes of pushing the boundaries and presenting a look not often seen in plus-size fashion, and it looks like we succeeded!

I’ll be working with Christine again soon, along with another amazing plus-size model, so I’m looking forward to keep putting new spins on full-figured beauty!


Enko Photography – fashion and commercial photography serving Portland, Oregon

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