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January 5, 2010

Snapshot: Goodbye, 2009 – portrait and artistic photography in Portland, OR

After an awesome, surprise-filled, and at times exhausting year, it was high time we took a break! So, Ben and I each spent the holidays with a bit of travel, a lot of family and friends, some amazing edibles, and very little internet. 😉

We’ve already welcomed 2010, and it’s looking like a big year already! But, 2009 deserves a little farewell, so this seemed appropriate: a photo from the last bit of shooting I did in 2009. I was rushing northward, trying to get through the mountains before the big snows came in, but I passed near Shasta Lake and couldn’t resist the opportunity I was seeing through my car window. I got off at the next exit, and took 5 minutes to shoot a few frames, before continuing my journey up I-5 towards Portland.

I honestly couldn’t have timed it better. The forecast was stormy and snowy, and it had rained quite a bit further south, but when I got up into the mountain passes, it was gorgeous. WORTH IT. Happy new year!

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December 8, 2009

Holiday Cravings Shopping Party! – art, event, and portrait photography in Portland, Oregon

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CRAVE Portland is hosting a truly amazing shopping party, and we’re really excited to be a part of it! Come down to the Bison Building in NE Portland tomorrow and check out over 13,000 square feet of local holiday shopping! You’ll also get to enjoy holiday music, cool swag (for the first 500 through the door), tasty eats from KOifusion, drinks by Dress the Drinks and Lovejoy Vodka, and tastings from local wineries.

There will also be a runway show, and a raffle benefitting the American Cancer Society, so you could win some awesome local goods… including a 13×19 print of our State Fair People’s Choice Award-winning art photo, “Ethereal Sea.” There’s still time to get advance ticket pricing until 9pm tonight, or you can get your tickets at the door. We hope to see you there!

CRAVE Portland’s Holiday Cravings Shopping Party
Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
Post 419 in the Bison Building
419 NE 10th Ave
Portland, OR, 97232

Enko Photography – event, portrait, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon

November 3, 2009

Snapshot: An Artist as Art – portrait and artistic photography in Portland, OR

I’ll confess: as beautiful and interesting as China was, I found myself more interested in the people than in the landscapes and buildings. The art and architecture of Asia has always been interesting to me, but the character of the people is something you don’t find as easily in books or libraries.

One of the really cool things about Beijing is how active the parks are. You’ll see people grouping together for dancing, activities, or just exercising, at almost any hour of the day. Even at sightseeing locations like the Summer Palace, there were people throughout the space enjoying the environment and the scenery.

I caught a shot of a calligraphy artist doing his thing, and he was just one of several capturing the mellow waters and cooling breezes of the artificial lake near the Summer Palace.


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October 15, 2009

Global Climate Change… the fight’s not over yet! – art, event, and portrait photography in Portland, Oregon

Today marks the 3rd Annual Blog Action Day. And, yeah, we usually reserve this space for cool photos and chatter about the fun we’re having with our photo shoots, but if we can turn you on to making a few positive changes, it’s worth our time to throw in a blog posting that’s not quite our usual.

We’ve all heard about Global Climate Change. We’re Portlanders, and we’re billed as one of the nation’s leaders in the green revolution, so of course we know what’s happening. Being trapped in our homes under a blanket of snow during last December’s two-week Snow-pocalypse was certainly a clue that the climate’s shifting.

There are those who would say that climate change is “normal,” that there isn’t a problem, and that we should just keep on consuming and burning through resources. On the other side of the room, there are those who say that the problem is catastrophic, we’ve already gone too far, and we cannot possibly save ourselves from the deadly global warming that lies in wait for us in the year 2050. (or sooner, depending on how pessimistic the speaker’s feeling today)

But, what if ALL of those people are wrong? What if there is a problem, but it’s something we can fix? If it’s even possible for us to make an impact, to take control of our fate, what are we doing arguing about whether or not there’s a problem?

So, in the interest of thinking more positively, let’s assume that the game’s not over. There are a lot of things we can do to help minimize the damage and live responsibly, and a lot of these things might even make your life more enjoyable. And if you can have a strong, beautiful planet *and* be healthy and at peace enough to fully enjoy it? You can’t do much better than that.

These are just a few ideas.

Change your commute. Sure, moving house is a pain… but then again, so is that 45-minute-each-way commute you’re making 5 or more days a week. If you can move closer to your job, you’d save yourself time and save the world from the excess gas emissions. Or, if you’re self-employed, consider moving your office! We’re moving our studio closer to home, cutting our travel time in half. Now’s a great time to rent, so check out the options.

Or, you can eliminate all of your emissions by riding your bike around town instead of driving. Portland is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, so take advantage! Or, if your bike is out of commission, there’s always public transportation.

Shop Local. There’s a reason why we support initiatives like the 3/50 Project, and it’s not just about the local economy. Shopping local means less packaging, less waste, and almost NO shipping or travel. Buy your clothing from local designers, buy your housewares from local merchants and providers, buy your food at the local farmer’s market. The cool part is that, since we’re in Portland, a lot of the locally-sourced things you could be buying come from companies who already exercise green practices, and use sustainable materials.

Just through the process of building our business, we’ve worked with designers who use organic materials, and we’ve learned of green print services, bicycle-powered delivery companies, and even wind-powered web hosting, all coming out of Portland. And food from local farmers tastes amazing. We’re lucky to live in a place where so many businesses are looking to make a difference.

Spruce up your home. Is it drafty in your living room? Are you still using incandescent light bulbs? Have you been itching to start up a garden? Take a couple hours on a weekend to make your house a friendlier place to live: switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. Put up insulation and weather stripping. Use the fireplace instead of the heater (or put on an extra sweater!). Clear out a space in your backyard and plant some tasty veggies.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try cutting down on your trips to the faucet by capturing rainwater. We do live in one of the rainiest parts of the country. 😉 There are some very innovative ideas that are only a Google search away, and they’ll make your home a better place to live.

Speak up. Use your voice to tell your representatives that these issues matter to you. Take a few of the minutes you’d spend playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, and use them to tell your friends about the changes you believe in. Use your money to buy eco-friendly products, and let the bigwig companies and corporations know that you want to buy products that are organic, sustainable, and affordable.

There you go. A few little things that you lovely Portlanders can start doing today, and make into habits. Yeah, we’re not all up for going completely off-the-grid and making radical changes to our lives, but just a couple small steps at a time can decrease our impact on the planet.

You can handle it. We all can. And we all should.

…and, just so we don’t veer completely away from photography, here’s one of Ben’s nightscapes… which is the kind of photo he won’t be able to capture, if we don’t take action. There’s a wealth of natural beauty in the world. Let’s do our best to preserve it.


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September 10, 2009

A People’s Choice Winner! – artistic photography in Portland, OR

We just got some good news yesterday: the folks at the Oregon State Fair called to let us know that Ben is the 2009 People’s Choice Winner in the Fair’s Oregon Salon of Photography! This was our first year entering the competition, so we were already happy to have so many of our entries accepted for exhibition, but winning the People’s Choice award is an incredibly exciting honor!

We also have Ben’s winning piece, “Ethereal Sea,” along with some of our other photos exhibited at this year’s State Fair, available for purchase at our new Etsy shop! Our art photos are available in 12″x18″ prints, ready to spruce up any bare walls you might in your home or office.


Enko Photography – event, portrait, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon

August 27, 2009

On Exhibit at the Oregon State Fair! – artistic photography in Portland, OR

This year, we’ve been able to explore our artistic sides more, and found just enough time to enter our first photography competitions, the Oregon Salon of Photography and the International Exhibition of Photography, both presented by the 2009 Oregon State Fair.

Sarah entered 3 photos from her recent China trip into each competition, 2 into the Color division and 1 in Black-and-White. Ben entered the maximum in each competition, 3 Color and 3 B/W in the Oregon Salon of Photography, and 4 Color and 4 B/W in the International Exhibition. The competition was fierce, and only 1/3rd of the photos submitted were accepted for exhibition. Fortunately, all but one of our submitted images were accepted for display (and Ben thinks the judges are crazy for that one…), eight into the Oregon Salon and 4 into the more difficult International Exhibition. One even earned an Honorable Mention in the International Exhibition!

We look forward to sharing our work in many more competitions in the future, and encourage all of you to go to the exhibits, and enjoy the excellent works by us, and by the other talented artists who were accepted! They’ll be on exhibit at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, from August 28th through September 7th.



Enko Photography – event, portrait, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon

March 23, 2009

Fine Art Prints at Heritage Gallery

If you have an art itch that needs to be scratched, be sure to pay a visit to our friends at the Heritage Gallery in Vancouver. Ben has been at play with our upgraded wide angle lens for many a late evening, and has recently debuted a series of fine art prints featuring his favorite nighttime views of Portland’s skyline and neighboring scenic spots! This is just one of the prints on display at the gallery, so if you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your walls, stop in and take a look.

The Heritage Gallery also does a great job with custom fine art framing and mounting, using top-quality preservation materials, and always showing a great eye for quality. We’re consistently pleased with the work they do for us, so it just made sense to have them as one of our partners! If you’re interested in framing and mounting for your keepsake portraits, we’d be more than happy to connect you with their fantastic work.


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