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May 17, 2010

Work or Play?

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Yeah, we know: we’ve been having good times out there doing our work, and there are plenty of blog posts that we should probably write about it… and we’ll certainly do that, before long. But with this pitch-perfect weather, who’s spending their spare moments thinking about work?

The weather has made for some great shooting, both on-the-job and off, so here’s a shot from the Oregon Coast, as a reminder to a moment on this pretty Monday, let your mind wanter off the job for just a minute, and savor what might be waiting for you just outside your window.

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June 8, 2009

Summery Model Portfolio Session

Here are a few images from our session with Crystal, an experienced model who recently signed with a new agency here in Portland, Merrick Talent. We only had time for a short session, but Crystal and her supportive mom were up for the short hike to a great sandy beach location in North Portland.

We captured a lot of great images in a short time, and tried a few subtle variations on light and processing… these are just a few of them! Crystal loved the proofs so much that she added extra shots to her package after the shoot, and she’ll be featuring her favorite photo from our shoot on her new comp cards. We hope she books some great new work in the future!


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November 18, 2008

Evening Portrait

If you’ve noticed a lot of night photos in our portfolio, well, it’s because we like playing with the look of an on-location as it moves into the evening hour. Doing a portrait around the twilight hour, in particular, can make for a challenging and fast-paced shoot, because there’s a small window of time to get the shot. If you shoot too early, and there will still be sun in the sky, and if you do it too late, it’ll be pitch-dark.

We’re gotten quite comfortable with twilight shooting, though, and we like to bring that into our sessions, when the client is open to it. It brings a unique and dramatic look to you, and your environment, especially with the right location!

Evening Portraits

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July 29, 2008

Love What You Do

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This past weekend was non-stop busy: two wedding bookings on Saturday, an afternoon reception on Sunday, and a model shoot after the reception! Hopefully, we’ll get enough processing done that we can come up for air and share some new wedding shots towards the end of the week.

It’s amazing, at times, that we don’t get sick of taking pictures, since we already spend so much of our time with cameras in front of our faces. I figure it’s a good sign, though, because we must love what we’re doing, if we’re spending so much of our work and our play time doing it.

Even when we’re just clowning around at the coast with some friends, it’s hard to resist grabbing a nice shot. To tide you over, here’s one from a few weeks ago. Don’t forget to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather!

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November 12, 2007

By the Water

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One of our favorite weddings this past summer took place in Cannon Beach, and you probably won’t hear us complain about having an excuse to go to the coast, especially on a day as gorgeous as this one was!

The drive out there did have a few surprises for us, though. We wanted to get out there as early as possible, to get a look at the grounds, but, as we came into town, we got a perilously close view of a car accident… a car from the oncoming lane hit another car that was only two cars behind us! It was a narrow road with no place to pull over, but we heard the crunching noise and saw some of it in the rearview. It was a pretty close call!

Fortunately, the wedding itself went much more swimmingly than the drive over! They’d chosen a beautiful spot for the ceremony, with long grasses and an expansive view of the ocean, and you could hear the waves crashing as they gave their vows. The bride also made her young daughter part of the ceremony, which not only joined the couple’s lives together, but also brought the three of them together as a family.

After some posed portraits near the water, the beauty of the ceremony gave way to a reception where everyone let their hair down. The reception was decorated with mood lighting and a tiki bar theme, and they’d hired a DJ who also offered karaoke! The group had a great time dancing and belting out old standards, and once we were “off the clock,” they even invited us to do a song or two.

They were a fun couple, and they were focused on just making sure that everyone relaxed and enjoyed the evening, and we definitely felt lucky to be working with them. All the best to them, going forward!

More photos after the cut.


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