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April 12, 2010

Headshots for Professionals

We were introduced to Shannon and Jason of LEA Management Services by our friends at SmashCut Studio, and they were in need of professional headshots for their business endeavors together. Jason and Shannon came in from Bend to work with us, and we put our photographic talents together with the styling prowess of the team at SmashCut, who put the perfect touches on Shannon’s hair and makeup.

After giving the two of them a quick and easy session in-studio, we’re all pretty thrilled with the final photos. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing where they go with them next!

Enko Photography – fashion, commercial, and headshot photography based in Portland, Oregon


February 3, 2010

Actor With a Side of Model – model portfolio and headshot photography in Portland, Oregon

Andrew came to us ready to kick-start his career as an actor, and was also open to modeling, so he chose one of our model portfolio packages, and we tailored the looks to fit his goals! We made his actor’s headshot our first priority, because he’s most interested in acting, and we brought in our stylist partner Tabiba Styles to make sure he had a clean and polished look from start to finish. We also explored looks inspired by commercial, fashion, and athletic styles in-studio, to show his potential in different areas of modeling, while still playing to his relaxed and easygoing attitude.

He also chose to order comp cards through us, so we hooked him up with a clean comp card layout, and a batch of 100 cards printed on high-quality stock! We’re always ready to provide headshot prints and comp cards to our clients, and we make it affordable, so you can get the most for your investment, even if you’re new to the industry. If you have several shots you love after your session’s over, ask us about our rates, and we’ll gladly add it on to your package.

Enko Photography – fashion, commercial, and headshot photography based in Portland, Oregon

September 3, 2009

Fresh new talent! – headshot photography in Portland, OR

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The performing talent that Portland has to offer has been coming out of the woodwork in recent months, with all the TV and movie productions that have been filming in town. Opportunities for small parts, extras, even body doubles are being hired locally, and they’re interested in people of all types, ethnicities, and ages!

It looks like a great time for young Portland talents to get their acting careers started, and that’s why fresh-faced Carissa came to us for her headshots. We shot with her in several different outfits, and wound up with a final headshot that she loved.


Enko Photography – event, headshot, and portrait photography in Portland, Oregon

July 30, 2009

Headshots for Professionals

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Say hi to Melissa, who recently came to us for her professional headshots. She’s been in training to become a wedding celebrant, and she’ll be embarking on a new path, and starting her own new business! Headshots that show her refreshing and warm personality were the order of the day, and we had an especially good time working with her during her session. We’re glad she came to us, and we’ll definitely be letting our future brides know about her!



Enko Photography – event, headshots, and portrait photography in Portland, Oregon

April 30, 2009

Fresh beauty shot

Here’s a quick preview from yesterday’s shoot with a new model. She’s only been signed with her agency for a few months, but she already showed a lot of comfort with posing, and she was very adaptable and incredibly sweet. It was an easy and enjoyable shoot!

Most of our shoot was outdoor fashion, but with her fresh look and great skin, we just had to pop back into the studio and grab a few quick beauty shots before we called it quits.  This model has a lot of potential, and I hope she’ll do well in the coming months!

Model: Kayleen (Mode)
MU/Hair: Ashlee Murr


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

January 22, 2009

Actor Headshots

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It’s been a busy month for actor headshots! The Portland market is becoming a more popular place for film productions: there are indie projects happening frequently, and some larger-scale productions have come to town, too. And, there are always openings for commercials and print advertising! Portlanders seem to be forward-thinking people, and more opportunities are popping up for both aspiring and more experienced actors.

Here’s a headshot from a few days ago with Aika, who’s represented by Actors in Action. Aika chose our Get Exposure package, and then added on prints of both her final headshots, so now she has fresh new headshots and plenty of material to bring with her to auditions. 

If you’re a local actor, author, or artist, we have some great headshot packages for folks who are just starting out, and for the more experienced in their field, we’re always willing to add on and customize.


Enko Photography – headshots, model portfolios, and portrait photography in Portland, Oregon

January 15, 2009

Editorial Beauty

Here’s the second look we did with Heather during our beauty shoot: a more edgy, editorial type of makeup look, based on ideas that Heather brought to the table. Models who contribute to the creative process are vital to a great editorial shot, because they have to understand the concepts you give them, and translate them into poses and expressions that fit the shot you want to capture. And, well, they’re also more fun to work with! 😉

Model: Heather
MU/Hair: Abibat Durosimi of Tabiba Styles



Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

January 7, 2009

More Beauty

Here’s a shot from a session we did with two models, before the holidays. Heather has an exquisite profile, and the pink tones in this setup looked spectacular with her skin and her light, natural makeup. Perfect for a breezy, fresh beauty shot!

Model: Heather
MU/Hair: Abibat Durosimi of Tabiba Styles


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

November 25, 2008

Edgy Beauty

Here’s one of the shots we did from the second look of a recent beauty shoot. Holly has a lot of softer images in her book, so we went for a more edgy and intense look, after we got done shooting her fresh-faced look. A model who can show versatility can often book more jobs, so we always think it’s worth nudging a model out of his or her usual boundaries. It can be really beneficial for a model’s book, and the model will at least have a good time trying something new at a shoot!

Model: Holly (Wilhelmina/MTG)
Makeup: Hanna Nissen


Enko Photography – fashion, editorial, and commercial photography based in Portland, Oregon

November 7, 2008

Fresh and gorgeous beauty

A model can have any number of jobs, credits, and tearsheets to her name, but one thing she’ll always need in her portfolio is a clear photo of her face. Clients want to see what a model looks like, and beauty shots can be a great way to show off a natural look that highlights clear skin and good features.

We did two looks on this beauty shoot, the first being a fresh-faced look that would clearly show her natural beauty. Her agent loved these shots, and we also loved the flawless, glowing look. The minimal makeup and soft lighting we chose made sure these shots would look great right out of the camera.

Model: Holly (Wilhelmina/MTG)
Makeup: Hanna Nissen


Enko Photography – fashion, beauty, and headshot photography in Portland, Oregon

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