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December 17, 2009

Seeing a Different Shade – senior portrait photography in Portland, OR

We’ve been busy working through holiday print orders, but we finally have a few minutes to share another of our senior portrait sessions. Olivia is an intelligent, thoughtful, and artistically-minded girl, and she wasn’t exactly accustomed to having her photo taken, when she came to us! It can feel feel pretty unusual at first, when you’re suddenly the focus of a 2+-hour photoshoot, but we got her feeling comfortable and her personality began to poke through.

Starting with natural light and a casual outfit made for a great way to warm up–a lot of her favorite shots and ours came from the first set! Then, we moved towards a softer feel with a romantic thrifted blouse and window light. Finally, we had Sabrina Cayne there to lend us a hand with creating a glamorous dress look that Olivia’s mom requested! But, it wasn’t long before we added a book into the scene, so Olivia could pose with it and show a little more of what she’s about. We had fun exploring with her, and her family and friends will definitely be seeing a different side of her… but one that’s still true to her. 🙂

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November 13, 2009

A Bit of Urban Grit – senior portrait photography in Portland, OR

We were watching the weather forecast like crazy, in the few days leading up to our session with Cassidy. She was interested in photos that showed a bit of color and a lot of cool, industrial character, so we knew an outdoor session was just the right fit. The weather that day was overcast, and a little colder than we’d have liked, but the rain stayed away long enough for us to get together and roam the Eastbank area in SouthEast Portland, and even make it down to the Esplanade.

Cassidy’s a senior at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, so it wasn’t a big surprise to hear that she’s also interested in photography! We can’t help but feel a little extra-special when someone who loves photography chooses to work with us, and we’re really glad we could give her an excellent senior session.

img_3372_final (1)




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October 30, 2009

Friends with Horses – senior portrait photography in Portland, OR

After working with Melissa on her professional headshots, we were jazzed to hear from her again, when her daughter Madeline needed senior portraits. And we were even more intrigued when we heard Madeline’s request for the session: we’d be shooting at a horse farm!

Madeline has a fair bit of experience in the saddle, so we met with her at the farm, just outside of Beaverton, and she did her session with one of the horses (named Go) she rides most. It was a cold and cloudy day, and we didn’t want to frighten the horse with any flashes, but we still caught a nice variety of shots, and some really cute and genuine moments between her and Go.


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October 8, 2009

The Many Faces of Crystal – senior portrait photography in Portland, OR

We had a great senior portrait session recently with Crystal, and Portland was lucky to get those few extra weeks of summer, because the weather couldn’t have been better that day. Crystal was looking for images with bright colors, so our first stop was a bed of flowers near our studio, and then we headed over to the Rose Test Garden at Washington Park to play with the roses.

Crystal’s an expressive individual, so we did several outfit changes, and tried on a range of moods, from cheerful to dramatic. Her mom was also there to lend plenty of support, carrying extra tops, fixing lipstick and even holding the occasional reflector for us. Working with the two of them made for a relaxing Saturday afternoon, and we’re all loving the results!


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September 11, 2009

Meet Antonio – senior portrait photography in Portland, OR

Say hello to one of our awesome senior reps for the Class of 2010! Antonio wanted to explore a few different styles, so our session with him began with a fashion-inspired black-and-white shot in the studio, and then we moved onto two different locations in Southeast Portland for a more relaxed and friendly style of shooting.

We also had the unfortunate luck of scheduling Antonio’s session during what turned out to be THE hottest week of the summer! But, we didn’t hear any complaints from him: he had a great time during our shoot, and was all smiles and energy, in spite of the 100+ degree weather. He’s an absolute trooper, and we know he’ll do a great job representing us with his classmates.



Enko Photography – creative family and senior portrait photography serving Portland, Oregon

June 12, 2009

Get more from your portrait session

Having your portrait taken can be an enjoyable and special event, but if you’re not used to being photographed, you might feel a little nervous out about your session. There’s no need to worry, though: when you choose a good professional photographer, it’s our job to make sure you look and feel great in your photos. But, with a little bit of planning, you can help make sure that you get the most out of your session.

435359225_Q9rUm-M Be fed, be relaxed, and BE RESTED. It’s in your best interest to be feeling energetic and in a good mood when you have a session with us. We want you to have fun during your session, and it’s no fun to pose for photos when you’re tired, stressed out, and your stomach’s growling!

Kids are even more sensitive to hunger and tiredness, so it’s even more important for family photos. Even if you’re willing to grin and bear a bit of discomfort, they might not be. If you’re including young children on your shoot, make sure to schedule around naps, and bring a quick snack just in case the shoot runs a bit longer than the kids are expecting.

Pick your perfect outfit. Start thinking about what you want to wear for your shoot before you get there. If you’re doing an individual session, it’s never a bad idea to bring a few different outfits, and shy away from heavy patterns or company logos. If you’re doing a group portrait, consider coordinating the styles or colors of your outfits with each other. If you’re doing a more dressed-up shoot, the right shoes and accessories can complete the look.

But, the most important thing is to wear something you feel good in! Choose clothes that you love, and that fit and flatter you, and you can’t go wrong.

Consider bringing a friend… as long as they’re the right one. We’re always open to having friends and family accompany you on individual portrait shoots. If having your best friend, boyfriend, or parent with you will help relax you and make the session more enjoyable for you, then don’t hesitate to ask them along for your session.

Before you do, though, consider the other side of the issue: is this person going to distract you during the session? Will you feel uncomfortable having your portrait taken while they’re watching? If you think having extra people around will make you nervous, stress you out, or constantly interrupt your session, it’s okay to ask them to step out of the shoot for a while. We have plenty of photobooks for them to flip through while they wait. 😉


Don’t be shy about what you want! Everyone wants something a little different from their portrait shoot, be it funny, spontaneous, glamorous, or something else entirely. No matter what you’re looking for, if there’s something you specifically want from your portraits, tell your photographer. Different types of shots may require completely different approaches, and if we don’t know what you want, then you may not get it.

Also, don’t be afraid to suggest an idea, even if you think it’s “weird.” If you’re working with a good photographer who’s delivering a personalized experience, chances are they’ll be open to, and even excited about trying something different from the norm. We want you to go home happy at the end of the session, so speak up! We’re ready to listen.

Consider booking a makeup artist! Sometimes, if you’re having trouble getting relaxed, having a makeup artist on-hand can help you feel fabulous, and settle into being comfortable in front of the camera. It can be fun to feel pampered while your hair and makeup is worked on, and you don’t need to worry about looking overdone or costumey, either: quality, professional makeup artists like the ones we work with know exactly how to highlight you and keep you looking fresh, so your natural beauty can shine through.

Don’t worry, just HAVE FUN! Life isn’t perfect, and neither is a portrait shoot, so you are occasionally going to blink or make expressions that aren’t so flattering. BUT, we want you to feel the freedom to experiment, and there’s no need to stress about how the final photos will look! Remember that you’ll be able to choose the shots that you like best, and nobody’s going to see the “bloopers” if you don’t want them to. So, relax, have fun, and get creative… just let your energy come to life on camera, and we’ll capture something wonderful.


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March 30, 2009

Seeking Senior Reps for Class of 2010!

It’s time again for us to select our Senior Portrait Representatives, so if you’re a graduating senior for the Class of 2010, we want to hear from you!

As a senior rep, you’ll get a fabulous senior portrait session, in any style you choose, at no charge. You’ll also get a personalized proof book with your favorite shots, so you can show and share with your friends. And, when your friends book with us, you earn even more prints and keepsakes! 

Sound interesting? Visit our web site to learn more about becoming a Senior Rep. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll get you started.

And, if you’re wondering why there are two people in this shot: yes, there are group discounts, if you and your friends want to do your senior portraits together!


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December 11, 2008

Creative portraits

Not everyone likes to do the old “smile and say cheese” thing, and we’re always listening for that: if it’s not who you are, then why shoot it? People often have a lot more fun with photos that show a little spontaneity, or that might be more artsy and dramatic.

Here’s a senior portrait that’s more towards the dramatic, with a soft and contemplative feel. We can always bring a touch of your own style and personality into your portraits, whether you’re a senior, a couple, or a family, and our rates are easy to work with, too.


Enko Photography – creative family and senior portrait photography serving Portland, Oregon

November 21, 2008

Senior Portrait Locations

When we’re thinking about how to put a more personal spin on a portrait, we sometimes have to get creative with locations. Places you might not find terribly interesting at first can actually make for a great photo.

Take this senior portrait, for instance: you’d think it was a local park, or perhaps a skillfully decorated courtyard, but would you believe this was taken at a garden supply store? James and his family suggested the location for his shoot, and it certainly made for an interesting variety of photos.

When you work with us, don’t ever be afraid to make a suggestion, even if you think it might sound kooky. If it helps us bring out a little more of who you are, it’s worth pursuing!


Enko Photography – creative family and senior portrait photography serving Portland, Oregon

November 11, 2008

Portraits in nature

Our senior portrait session with Talesha took us to one of our favorite spots. We originally happened upon this spot during our first few weeks in Portland, while we were out on our bikes exploring our neighborhood, so when we heard that Talesha wanted a natural location, we were happy to share this one with her. Although it’s surprisingly close to the city, you wouldn’t know it once you’re there: it’s a beautiful and tranquil spot, and all you hear are the sounds of birds and insects. It makes for a nice escape!

Our senior portrait packages make it easy for you to go to your favorite locations, and we’re ready to bring our lighting equipment on-site, to give you as much flexibility as possible. And, if you need your yearbook photos right away, we can shoot them immediately in our studio, and then wait for good weather to do your on-location shots!


Enko Photography – creative family and senior portrait photography serving Portland, Oregon

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