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August 6, 2009

Creative, Conceptual Portraits

Conceptual photography is some of the most fun work we get to do: it gives us the chance to really explore the looks we can achieve with lighting, style, and setting. And when we can share that with you through a creative portrait? Even better!

We had the chance to take things towards the dark side, when we got together with Annalee, Tony, and Marius for this Alternative-Bride theme. We had the talents of Sabrina Cayne with us for makeup and styling, and we took this shoot to a great location, as the sun was getting low in the sky. Shooting outdoors in such low light can yield some very cool looks, and the clouds in the sky that evening were an amazing fit with the moody feel of the concept.

And, yes, we can do shots like these, or something completely different, for you! Include makeup and hair in your portrait package, and we can create a great variety of looks. Add on a wardrobe stylist, and there’s a whole wealth of ideas we can mine.


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May 28, 2009

Experiments at Night

We found a free evening recently, and managed to squeeze in an experimental photoshoot at night. We hiked up Mt. Tabor with a victorian gown by Sweetz Clothing Co., and brought Ben’s recent nightscape stylings together with a dressed-up model. Inspired by the spooky Zombie Prom portraits taken less than a week before, we also thought it’d be fun to play with the long exposure, to produce a ghostly effect in-camera.

Model: Aschlee


Enko Photography – event, portrait, and artistic photographers in Portland, Oregon

March 23, 2009

Fine Art Prints at Heritage Gallery

If you have an art itch that needs to be scratched, be sure to pay a visit to our friends at the Heritage Gallery in Vancouver. Ben has been at play with our upgraded wide angle lens for many a late evening, and has recently debuted a series of fine art prints featuring his favorite nighttime views of Portland’s skyline and neighboring scenic spots! This is just one of the prints on display at the gallery, so if you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your walls, stop in and take a look.

The Heritage Gallery also does a great job with custom fine art framing and mounting, using top-quality preservation materials, and always showing a great eye for quality. We’re consistently pleased with the work they do for us, so it just made sense to have them as one of our partners! If you’re interested in framing and mounting for your keepsake portraits, we’d be more than happy to connect you with their fantastic work.


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